The Simple Life of a Youtuber!

Being a youtuber is not an easy job to do. Simply, because many people demand so much from you that your schedule may conflict with whatever you do with your everyday life, which in this case is school.Many people would ask me, “then why don’t you stop?” My answer to that question is that I can’t because its my passion. My youtube channel consists purely on video games. Whether you need help in a level or you just want to relax and see me act like a complete bafoon my channel is the place for you. I have been playing video games ever since I was two years old. I would always spend about an hour playing my favorite video games and wonder what the ending of that particular video game I was playing would be like. I make these video’s out of pure enjoyment and not for any profiting purposes. My purpose for this blog is to tell everyone who has a particular passion to not stop that passion because maybe one day that passion can take you somewhere just like me who became an intern for insomiac games which is one of the coolest place I have ever worked at. So, as a youtuber and as a friend, do not stop believing on what you want to become and what you want to achieve.


4 comments on “The Simple Life of a Youtuber!

  1. It is great to know that Daniel has the courage and strength to put his work and passion into those videos for other individuals to see. He is constantly searching for new devices, new games, ect to develop on and discuss to make another video. He is also very brave, because the crowd is very judgmental and likes to critique everyone’s work. The great thing about that is, is that to Daniel that does not matter due to the fact that he is just passionate about what he does, which is what it should be.
    Being just passionate about something does not make everything else easy. Just as Daniel you have to put in hard work and dedication into you passion to make it grow into better things. Knowing how passionate Daniel is about his you tube channel and video games, I am positive he will reach greater heights in his career just as his future.

  2. I never upload any video onto Youtube except the book project for this class. Honestly, after this book project, I am kinda love playing with Youtube. In the near future, I will also start recording video and upload it to Youtube. Maybe I will post some question to you if I encounter some issue in Youtube.

    In addition, you also like to play video game? I am a gamer as well but not so profession though. What is your favorite video game, and what game are you currently playing?

  3. Daniel, I will admit I am not a fan of video games. The only time I’ve played is when we were little and my brother would make me when he had no one else to play with in Mortal Combat and some racing games. After I watched your video, it caught my interest. I think it’s really cool what you are doing. You have turned your hobby into your passion and hopefully one day into your career. I really don’t understand the game much, but it seems like your very informed and know a lot about it. I never really knew anyone who actually uploads on Youtube.

    I think the message you are stating is motivational. You are so right, you should never give up your passion and what you enjoy, and if you get lucky it may end up as your career. I must say you should be very proud of yourself that you have accomplished to put your foot in the door into your possible career by doing something you love. I can tell from reading your post you are truly dedicated to being a Youtuber and this is something that each individual should emphasize in their own lives, dedication.

  4. Hello Daniel,
    I am in love with youtube as well. I do not upload videos, but I do watch a lot of different video. I learned a lot of things from youtube that helped me in life in many fields. What is interesting about youtube, is that they have their videos categorized, which make it easier to reach videos that you are trying to find. I also share with you the joy of playing video games, but not the complex one’s . I wish you all the best on your journey towards fulfilling your dreams.

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