The Family Model


Have you ever experienced a job where the manager treats you like slave and is really mean to you? For the past years my father has worked in many Mexican restaurants and he has been yelled at, he was called a wetback (even tho he is a citizen in the United States),and he was tortured countless hours of working without getting a break or a raise for his hard work. Besides the inhumane treatment my father received back in his young days, my father always emphasized one important rule to me when I started working, and that was treat your coworkers and your customers like family. When my father left that horrible place, my father applied to a different restaurant which was called “King Torta.” My father said that the owner was so nice that he treated my father like  it was his own son. The owner would take care of my dad when ever my dad needed some help fixing his car or finding a apartment closer to work. “It was like having a second father,” my father said to me before I went to sleep. “He has taught me that if you treat your coworkers like family, productivity will rise because they feel comfortable and respected.” Sadly, this great man who helped my father with almost all his needs passed away 15 years ago and till this day when my father open up his own meat distribution company still upholds his teachings.

Hopefully, in the near future, when I get the chance to open my own company or restaurant I would like to follow my fathers family model because it feels that it is the correct way to treat our coworkers and customers. Some of you may say that we have to be sometimes strict with our coworkers because if we act to soft with them they will feel like they can get away with anything. This is usually not the case because like a family when your child misbehaves you would either give them a time out or ground them for a week or so. Obviously, you can’t do that to your coworkers but you can always call them in your office and tell them their errors and let him off with a warning. The family model also works on customers because it will leave them the impression that they are talking with a brother or a sister and they will feel much more relaxed and in ease when they are making a purchase.

When the time comes for me to take over my fathers company, I will keep on using my fathers family model and hopefully other businesses will pick it up and become very successful businesses and hopefully live happier lives in work and with their families.


One comment on “The Family Model

  1. It was inspirational to read this post Daniel. At first I was sad when reading about how your dad was treated but then read on to see the outcome was worth it. I like the family model you have come up with and truly believe it works. I completely agree that “if you treat your coworkers like family, productivity will rise because they feel comfortable and respected.” My dad and aunt both have their own business and I have grown up to see how they treat their employees and manage the company so well. It has been nothing but motivation to be able to work like them one day. And I know that you will do well when you take over your fathers company, using the famly model 🙂 Wishing you all the best!

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