Hi Everyone,

My name is Daniel Rosales. I live in the city of Los Angeles and I am currently attending Woodbury University to get my Bachelor degree in Business Managment. I am a very nice person once you get to know me and I enjoy anything that has to do with comedy, video games, music, and soccer. I grew up in a awesome family, which consist of my mom, dad, and two little brothers who look up to me as their role model.

As a little kid, I always had ambitions on becoming something big in my life. I always wanted to make my father proud, so I keep telling my father that I wanted to be just like him, a very successful business person. My father smiled and said, “You can be whatever you want son as long you are happy on what you have become.” I really took his words seriously, so after my father and I finished our little chat I started playing video games and my father said “What are you doing?” and I responded “I am going to be the video game champion!” with a huge grin on my face. This small memory helps me with my every day challenges because it makes me realize that I can surpass all my challenges and be very successful in life.

Besides me playing video games, I had many other passions in my life. One passion that I still do would be my passion for music. I love strumming on my guitar or banging on my drums once in a while and if I feel like it I would probably sing sometimes even thou my mom complains that I always make her nauseas its just who I am. I would also write poetry but when I do they always sound so dark and spooky so I stop and haven’t wrote a piece for a while. Lastly, I would play soccer once in a while with my little brother Alex who is twelve years old right now. Me and him would go to the parks and we would start kicking the ball around until we get a little competitive then we get serious.

When it comes to business, I am always listening and thinking on how I can improve the business with my skills. I have worked with my father for a little and the experience I received from working in the offices was very helpful. Every day working in the office would help me improve my organizational skills because I had to organize paper work; It has also improve my communication skills because I had to make phone calls and take orders, and it helped me to become an effective leader because I had to give some of the workers orders in order to bring the merchandise I need for the customers.

I do hope that one day my dreams of becoming a successful business person will come true, and I also hope that some day everyones dreams comes true as well because I would hate for everyone to have regrets later on with their life’s. Their is a quote by a person named Henry David Thoreau and it goes: “What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.”  


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  1. “You can be whatever you want son as long you are happy on what you have become.” Dear Daniel, Your father is %100 right. As much as you love what you do, you will be success. It is beautiful when you grown up with a family who they are loving each other, and it is really beautiful that you respect your parents and know what they did for you to reach what you want.
    As a role model for younger brother, you have new responsibility to success in your life. Furthermore, you have to show your parents that you are deserve what they spent for you. I knew you can do it brother, just keep going hard as you started, never give up, and you will reach what you are looking for.

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