Pewdiepie! :D

Hi everyone! Here is a video clip of one of my idol in youtube. His Youtube name is Pewdiepie but his real name is Felix. He use to live in Sweden but later on moved to Italy with his Italian girlfriend Maritsa. He started making youtube videos about four years ago and he was doing videos just for fun until he figured out a way to turn his little youtube channel into a big business. After he figured it out he started to gain so much profit that he felt so social responsible to give some to charity. He inspired me to begin my Youtube channel and hopefully this Youtube channel can help to become the successful person I always wanted to be. I hope you guys enjoy the video clip.

P.S. You may notice that he screams like a girl and make weird noises. I don’t do that on my videos just to let you guys know. 🙂

By drosales22

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