Technology at its Finest


Professor Green got me really interested on the Google Glasses, so I did a little research on the glasses. Apparently the Google Glasses has a a lot of functionalities. The one that really intrigued me was being able to bring up a map, which for me it will be a lifesaver because sometimes I explore new places and I get lost, sadly. Another function that sounded pretty cool is that it can give specific information on certain locations. For example, If you and a friend want to go dine in a fancy restaurant but was not sure if it will be expensive or not, Google Glasses can bring up that information and help you figure out how much you need to take out of your bank account. With all these cool features it makes me want to buy a pair but seeing how much it cost I probably would have to skip on this one for just a little while.

By drosales22

2 comments on “Technology at its Finest

  1. I checked this Google Glasses before. I think it was around last summer. At that time, Google Glasses was only able to shoot pictures. But in your post, you said now Google Glasses have new features like bring up a map, and give specific info on certain locations.

    At this point, I have a question for you. How does Google Glasses display maps and information? From your picture above, I have no clue how does it work. Could you pls explain?

    • Sure, they added a feature where you can connect the Google Glasses to your iphone or any smartphone and with a simple voice command you can open google maps on your glasses. Its a working progress but hopefully we can see an example when they show it on a conference.

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