Los Angeles:The City of Angels


This where I grew up most of the times.For me Los Angeles is almost like it is part of my backyard because when ever I feel down or if I need so inspiration I would go up on my roof and I would see the whole city of Los Angeles shining bright when the sun hits it on the right spot, it was really breath taking. Their is so much diversity in the city of Los Angeles that it surprised me so much. If you want to go to Italy or to China but do not want to spend so much money on a plane ticket just drive to downtown LA and you will be in Italy or on China in a heartbeat! 🙂

By drosales22

3 comments on “Los Angeles:The City of Angels

  1. I worked in downtown LA for several years and there were many nights where I admired all the bright lights as I left the office. What I miss the most about working in that location is having my desk at a window seat. It was awesome being able to look out all day over the city. Now I work in a crummy old building in Pasadena that has NO windows at all. Horrible! On my breaks, I have to go outside to see what the weather’s like and check out the world.

  2. I used to live in Toronto, Canada, which is a multicultural city. When i moved to Los Angeles i experienced the difference especially with weather. What i like about Los Angeles the great weather, different entertainment opportunities, the beaches and their highway structure.

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